about Dana.

Dana was once described (to her great delight) as a "rock and roll Martha Stewart." Since then, despite being rather awful at hosting dinner parties (thanks, anxiety), she's tried her best to live up to such a distinction. 

Armed with the ability to laugh endlessly at her own mildly funny jokes, Dana juggles marriage, motherhood, and minimalism with an equal measure of sarcasm and incessant worrying. She is wife to one, mother to many, and friend to anyone who brings her baked goods.


about the bus.

The Pigeon Bus is a 1993 Blue Bird TC2000. For the mechanically inclined souls, it’s a rear engine Cummins 5.9 TA with just over 43k miles. It was an elementary school bus and probably drove less than 10 miles a day for its entire career.

It was won at auction for $1,400.

For more information about the bus, click here.