Today is my 7 year Georgia-versary. It was 7 years ago today that I left Florida to take the biggest risk of my life...moving in with the guy that I hadn't really seen in eight years and only knew from silent Skype chats and through letters that were gritty with Afghanistan sand. I was leaving behind all the friends and life I had made in Florida and banking on love to carry me through.

And carry me through it did.

Together, we've built a family of our own here and a life that neither of us thought possible.

It seems to fit that today I was stuck driving the big truck (how Georgia of me)...the same truck that I followed to my new home all those year ago. The same truck that I was *terrified* of driving back then. Now my biggest issue with it is the fact that the boys insist on listening to country music whenever we are in it.

Oh how things have changed.

7 years in Georgia has meant 3 different houses, 3 babies, and getting married to the same person twice. So many Misfits' Thanksgivings and parties with friends who turned into family. There's been more mosquito and fire ant bites than I can count, who knows how many sunburns, a ton of money spent on air conditioning, and nowhere near enough lowcountry boils.

Every year, I've ended my Georgia-versary note the same way...looking forward to a few more years here. This year, I've got a new be able to see a whole lot more of the state I've made home before saying goodbye to it.