Reason to Do This #258.


This past weekend, we drove (in the minivan) (blah!) to a friend's house in the mountains of North Georgia for a quick adventure.

It wasn't until we were well on our way (and started to hear the ooo's! and ahhh's! from the backseat) that we realized the boys had never seen a big city skyline before. A couple of hours later showed that they had also never ridden down a country road that twists and turns through dense trees. A glance in the rear view showed them with their arms up, roller coaster style...anticipating every little hill and curve with absolute glee. And then there is the fact that they've never seen an actual hill, let alone ever run up one and then rolled back down again.

At this point, I was starting to wonder how I'd managed to be this terrible of a parent to deprive my children of these wonders, but then I remembered that while my children aren't well-versed in hills, cityscapes, or backroads...they *do* know more than the average bear about tools, chickens, bees, baking, mud making, and, well, buses. And it's ok that they don't know about lots of other things, because we just haven't gotten there...yet.

The sight of complete delight on their faces over and over and over again makes me want to finish the bus sooner than humanly possible. Getting to see that level of astonishment and joy on your child's face is total parental crack. I can't wait to get to show them SO MANY things and to watch their reactions. Silas could not stop smiling whenever he got in the tent. Eli wanted to take notes about every flower and fish. Quill was Danger Baby and climbed up and down every hill way faster than any baby who has to wear braces on their legs should be able to.

Their wonder was catching and I've never been so glad to be stuck in traffic, borderline carsick from all the twists, or lugging my big rear up that hill after them.

What better reason to turn a bus into our home?