A Sticky Situation.


I'm pleased to announce that The Pigeon Bus is one step further** away from being a school bus and one step closer to being a home. All the stickers have been removed!

It looks kinda naked now, but better than being (wrongly) branded as a part of the Nassau County school system. This was Step 1 (of about 318) towards getting to finally paint the bus...a stage I'm totally pumped about. (I have at least 6 possible paint scheme ideas, but I'm all about collecting more ideas since I've got lots of time to agonize over it.) (And no, painting it like the Partridge Bus isn't on the list of possibilities.)

Sticker removal has been my go to bus project for when the boys are outside playing for weeks now. It didn't require any power tools or special set up or skill. Just me, a ladder, a razor blade, a can of Goof Off, and an old cloth diaper.

(I swear Goof Off doesn't pay me for this, but maybe they should because whoa is it ever awesome and, dude, I've gone through A LOT of it. Look at that before and after! Also, I love getting to reuse our old cloth diaper inserts for yet another thing. They are the perfect amount of scrubby to get all the balls of sticker goop off.)

The whole sticker removal process turned nearly meditative and I was almost sad to see the very last sticky strip flutter away in the breeze. There's nothing quite so satisfying as peeling off a whole letter millimeter by millimeter, sweating to not break the decades old vinyl.

Next, spot treating all of the little rust spots! The bus will be looking like a Dalmatian before you know it.

** Grammar nerd hint...it's FARther when you're talking about literal distance. It's FURther when talking about metaphorical distance. You are so welcome for that little tidbit.