The Floor, Part 3.


Is anyone getting sick of floor posts yet? No? Good...because whoa are we so not done with that floor yet...or possibly ever. I spent a particularly warm and sunny day scrubbing the bus with Biokleen All-Purpose (Are you using this stuff? No? That's not should be. It's my go to cleaner for around the house and it's fab.) and half the bottle since I spilled it a few drops of orange essential oil. (Thank goodness it was the cheap kind.) The bus smelled the best it has ever smelled. Like it ran over an orange factory. And then went through a car wash. Damn delightful, I'm telling you.

Silas was my bus helper and happily sloshed sudsy water all over the place while ensuring that all the wheel well covers were so thoroughly scrubbed that I expected him to perform a surgical procedure on top of one of them. We hosed out 24-year-old grit and bus funk along with all the soap, and were left with a legit shiny floor. I then got to say things like, “Wipe your feet before you get on the bus!” and “I just cleaned this floor, why are you tracking mud across it?! What’s this look like? The house!?”

Several days of drying and one more round of vacuuming for good measure later, it was time to primer all that metal (and a few rust spots) to help protect all of the work that’s gone into that floor. I stood in the paint section at Lowe's for 20 minutes reading the back of all the cans before finally deciding on Rust-Oleum's Rusty Metal Primer. Because the 4 problem spots warranted using an entire gallon of paint designed for serious rust issues throughout the entire (mostly non-rusty) bus, right? Can't be too careful! Might as well! (Honestly, I can never pass up the "professional, super go to hell" version for the obviously defective and wussy "original" formula.)

So heavily armed with my overkill paint, I got started and this happened within the first 5 minutes:

Well, shit.

(That soaked all the way down to my foot, by the way, and even after a mineral spirits scrub, I still walked around for a week looking like one of these demon children had pooped on me.)

I soldiered on.

Welcome to our rust-free bus...aka the chocolate bar.

The next day, I came back in and did another coat, using up the very last drop of that gallon to cover the entire floor and up to the seat rail a second time. While it looked nice and clean in there, it was insane how much paint shrank the space...lesson dark colors on the bus.

With the first (yes, first...there will be a Part 4 to the never-ending floor series) part of sealing up the floor done, it was time to move on to what I've been impatiently waiting for and simultaneously dreading.

It's time to tape up the floor plan.