Can't Take It With Us.


Let's do a little comparing, shall we? Currently, my family of 5 (sometimes 6 when we've got our bonus child in the mix) lives in 2,868 square feet. 4 bedrooms. 3 1/2 bathrooms. Eat in kitchen. Playroom. Cathedral ceilings in the living room. 2 walk-in closets in the master bedroom. The master has enough space for a king size bed and a sitting area, along with a private entrance to the deck. 2 pantries in the kitchen. Laundry room. Enough attic space that we could turn some of it into a third floor office or den (and we likely would have if the bus hadn't come along), and still have plenty of room for storing all sorts of things (which we probably wouldn't have done, because storing instead of using equals no).

The bus is 226 square feet. The bedroom will be just large enough for a queen size bed. It will also be where we store all of our fresh water. The bathroom will double as the laundry room and as the only space large enough to get dressed in private. (Well, as private as anything ever can be with three boys who all like to demand that you referee arguments over which brother can make a sound closest to a hippopotamus fart exactly when you are desperately trying to preserve some dignity while getting your "these definitely fit two babies ago" jeans on.) The boys will share their bunk house with the sole closet in the bus that is meant for clothes and toys and school supplies. The kitchen will have 3 lower cabinets and possibly 2 upper cabinets (waiting on the final roof raise numbers) and a refrigerator that is less than half the size of our current one. (There will certainly be no microwave or bougie pot filler like in our sticks and bricks house.) The living room/dining room will also be the guest room for when we've got our eldest along for the ride. We'll have solar (and possibly a wind turbine...trying to wrap my head around one alternative energy is already proving to be a challenge for my brain) for electricity needs and propane for cooking and heating that water hiding in my bedroom.

It's a 2,636 square foot difference.

While we are working on all the bus things and all the "house ready to sell" things, we will also be working on all of our thing things. All of our "its".  Because all of the stuff that is currently inhabiting that 2,636 square foot deficit has got to go...we can't take it with us and we'd like you to come along for a look at what's going, going, gone.

Normally, if I was purging things, I'd load up the back of the van, drop it all off at the closest place that took donations, and never look back. This time, I've got to think a little more strategically in order to help fund the build and to give us some "First Tank of Gas" money. So I'll be utilizing that crazy large potential 3rd floor office/den space (hint, hint possible buyers of our sticks and bricks...there's a crazy large attic with bonus office/den space potential!) to save up all the items that didn't make the bus cut to have an epic yard sale sometime in the future. If you're in the local South Georgia region and see something that you would just *love* to have and want it right away...make me an offer! All proceeds go towards the bus! I'll even tell you exactly what your wonderful dollars are going toward. Just drop a message to thepigeonbus93 @ gmail . com.

Here we go!

The constant question as of late has been, "Is this busworthy?" We'll explore exactly what constitutes "busworthiness" in a later post, but for right now, just know that the first set of criteria involves if the item is used or not. We just hosted Thanksgiving for 20 last week, and while it wasn't our largest gathering, I did have my eye on what didn't get touched, despite me dirtying up every possible dish in the pursuit of a parade of casserole goodness. So here's the first round of non-busworthy items, kitchen stuff that just didn't get used:

And so it begins...join me every Wednesday for our new series "Can't Take It With Us" to see just what *isn't* making the cut.