I Think I'm Alone Now.


Portland, Oregon. 2010. That was the last place I went without having at least one of my children with me. It was for an interview for a job that I (thankfully) didn't get. (Although, at the time, I was equal parts furious and mortified that I didn't get it. 2010 Dana had a bit of a mostly undeserved ego.) (I'm happy to say that 2017 Dana has mellowed a bit.) But, as it generally tends to go, a door slamming meant a window opened, or in my case, it meant that my future husband would say the magic words that every girl wants to hear...

"Move in with me. I'll cook for you all the time*."

Somehow, seven years has passed since that trip to interview for the job that wasn't meant to be. In that seven years, I had 3 more kids and in all that time, I've never managed to go anywhere without at least one of them tagging along.

Until this weekend. This weekend I was flying solo and it was weird. (Like super weird.)

Both at the insistence of my (now current**) husband (who recently got to have 10 days in Montana for a hunting trip) and my own "it's no fair you get to go and do things while I'm stuck at home all the time" foot stomping, it was determined that this mama needed a weekend away. I just had to book it and as luck would have it, I had just the spot in mind.

One of my favorite bus converting families has one of their buses up on Try It Tiny. (Which is a super awesome concept...like Airbnb, but only tiny houses...an excellent way to try all the different options out before committing to your own speck of a home.) Jeff and Missy of Discovering Us Bus fame have taken a personal love of skoolies and turned it into a business of building custom skoolies for clients. (You might recognize their work if you follow the extremely popular Mayes family on Instagram.) Jeff and Missy also have an entire DIY conversion course where they walk you step-by-step through the entire process of turning a bus into a home. With 7 kids in the mix, they know what it's like to build with kids in mind. I was so excited to get to check out their work in person.

I knew this weekend away was the perfect excuse to catch up on some much needed Mama time off while doing a little research and getting some first hand bus life inspiration.

I got to stay in (on? I can never decide which is right) the Wonderland bus. It was cozy despite the freezing temperatures and I immediately felt right at home. I love all the thoughtful details (all the heart eyes for that shelf around the bedroom and the out of the ordinary dining area!) and I've got a whole page of scribbled notes for our own Pigeon Bus.







Y'all. It was really great and I have so much more to talk about with this experience, but right now, I'm hitting the road and getting back to where I belong...with my guys! My two nights at Skoolie Beach have given me so much to think about for our own build as well as given me a gentle reminder that home with my guys is where I'm meant to be. I have missed them terribly this entire time, which is ridiculous because an hour before I walked out the door I was dying to get away from the lot of them. 😂

Ah, motherhood and the insanity that comes with it.



* I must have missed the fine print on that "cooking all the time" part, because it seems to have expired after 4 meals. Mmmm hmmm.

** "Now current" sounds like I might trade him in at some point...like there's a husband number three in my future...I assure you, there is not. I'm a two and done kinda girl. 😂