Can't Take It With Us: Let's Be Honest.


This shit hasn't happened at the house in...oh...maybe 3 years? So let's be honest, the chances of me suddenly being overcome with the urge to jump around to bad techno while secretly loathing both myself and the people on the screen, while living on a bus, are low at best. Could we just not?

Let's go for a hike instead. Or ride bikes with the kids. Or take a walk. Or swing around some crazy heavy bus parts. Anything other than these soul crushing workout DVD's.

And while we are at it...let's add another foot of clothing to our tally. (That's a total of a foot and a half so far.) This time, I'm saying goodbye to a mix of maternity and things I wore before I had quite so many children.

Let's be happy just the way we are.


(As always, if you're local to the South Georgia area and see something you just have to have, send me a message at and make an offer! All proceeds go right to our conversion!)