Can't Take It With Us: Single Life.


I don't have a lot of things left over from my life before...before kids and marriage and real jobs and being jobless and owning a business and homeschooling and turning crunchy and then not so crunchy and now just mildly crispy and bus ownership. You know. Before.

Single life. Way back when.

When I left Florida for my current life (well...what would turn into my current life, because if you had told me as I was packing up that this move would result in me having 4 children and owning a bus, I would have laughed uncomfortably and then slowly closed the door in your face before locking it and then unpacking), I didn't take much with me, just what would fit into the back of my VW Rabbit and Jake's pickup truck. But the things I brought with me were kind of iconic to my "before"...a life where I only had myself to think about.

I love weird, old, quirky things. This Magnajector was an antique store find and it helped paint several murals back in my art school days. The box has always been displayed on a bookshelf in all of my homes over the last decade and a half. It has made a fine bookend/conversation starter, and yes, it still works, but I haven't painted anything in nearly a decade and bookshelf space will be at a premium in the bus, but it does sometimes feel like I'm running a nursery school and my life is one big show and tell, but I have no plans to become a shut-in. So it can go.

This next thing is the thing that I have audibly sighed in despair over having to get rid of, despite the fact that it is something that hasn't fit in to my current life for a long time.

In fact, the most use it's gotten has been from documenting the first year of half my children.

But otherwise, it's been dusty and rarely sat in. As iconic as an Eames Eiffel Rocker may be, it sure isn't all that comfortable to sit in and rock a while.

And yes, it is a real one and not a knock off. Too bad it's not an original. I wouldn't have to sell bus stickers for financing if it was. (Hint, a bus sticker.)

Jake has always disliked it and asked if I was really going to bring that "ugly plastic chair" with me when he was helping me load up to move all those years ago. I scoffed at him. What would the man who owned two matching La-Z-Boy recliners and kept handfuls of bullets and change in his silverware drawer know about an Eames?

I used to think of it as the start of what was surely to turn out to be a very metropolitan life filled with lots of stuff that would be equally design-worthy and retro modern. I used to think that "perfect" life would spontaneously start...any moment now. Surely it would happen.

But it didn't.

Nearly two decades later and I've long since been ready to accept and admit that *that* life isn't going to happen.

And that's fine by me, but there's no room on the bus for an Eames Eiffel *or* two matching La-Z-Boys.


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