Can't Take It With Us: Randomness.


This week's installment of all the things that aren't coming with us and therefore deemed, unbusworthy, is full of random things that make me ask, "why do we even have this?" Like all those cups above...why do we have so many random plastic cups? Where did they all come from? Why are they taking up so much room in the back of my cabinet?

Or this strange assortment of magnets and one (very) orange magazine holder. Why is there just one of these magazine holders? Surely I didn't just buy one of these, right? Or maybe I did, because it is *very* orange.

Also, I do heart llamas, but this one has always looked like some kind of guinea pig gone wrong. And my husband bought me the Army Wife car magnet as a joke because he knows that *that* kind of army wife triggers my eye roll reflex. But what am I supposed to do with it after we all had a good laugh? Certainly not put it on my car! I don't want anyone else out there to have their eye roll reflex triggered! It could cause an accident!

Bobby pins? Really?! I couldn't use a bobby pin correctly to save my life. I am damn near forty and I haven't got a clue as to how you make these fuckers stay in place! Why do I have multiples of these?! At one point, did I think a different color would suddenly make the process of getting a bobby pin to stay put for more than a minute become crystal clear? And when have I ever been in a position where my hair was in something other than a sloppy ponytail or house bun and needed the service of a bobby pin? I can't think of any time when this would have happened outside of a wedding and/or prom.

Not getting remarried (again) and the only thing I'd be doing at a prom these days is chaperoning, no bobby pins required.

Elder wand anyone?

Potter? Potter?

I'm a total Harry Potter geek. I even have an obscure HP quote tattoo! I can recite the first chapter of Sorcerer's Stone from memory! But I seriously don't need a replica wand. I thought about saving this for one of the kids, but eh. I'm happy for them to choose their own wand one day. (Or should I say, let the wand choose them.) (Also a little concerned that I might have a squib in my gang of children. Fingers crossed that he turns out alright.) Maybe I'll finally get to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal.

And finally, here's another foot and a half of clothing that won't be making the journey with us. That brings the grand total of clothing to three feet.

____________________________ If you see anything that you've just got to have and you are local to the South Georgia area (or are willing to pay for shipping), please make me an offer! All of this will go at our blowout yard sale sometime later this year. All proceeds go directly to things that we need to get the conversion complete. Every bit counts!