221 Days: A Bus Update


I'm sick with some upper respiratory funk that requires a giant wad of tissue to be jammed up one nostril in order to stem the constant drip, drip, drip that is my nose doing its impersonation of a faucet. That's visually appealing, right? (You're welcome for not providing a photo.)

Jake looked at me this morning (wad of tissue dangling, voice like a lounge singer with a 2 pack a day habit, somehow managing to resist the urge to try for baby number 5*), and declared that he was taking the kids and I was to stay in bed and relax today.

I rolled my eyes at him. Dana doesn't relax. Dana doesn't stay in bed all day. Dana jumps on the rare opportunity to be productive and talks about herself in the third person, damnit!

I waited for about 5 minutes after he had left, shopping online on my phone (down low productive! take that!) to try and find clothes for my suddenly size 10 wearing 6 1/2 year old, before I got up to tackle something with my kid-free time.

And right back down I went. My inner ears are both so full that my balance is somewhere between drunk and Ariel just got human legs.

Well ok then. You win this round, supportive and loving spouse! I'll stay in bed, but I'll be productive from here, you just TRY to stop me!!

So hello dear reader. How are you? What's new? You likely won't catch any of my germs from there, so let's catch up.

221 days. That's a little over 7 months.

221 days since we brought the bus home, and while the pessimist in me did some hand-wringing and moaning over how little we've accomplished in 7 months, the 996 pictures on my computer tell a different story. Don't worry, while I had a sometimes tearful (and snotty) jaunt down memory lane, I won't subject you to all 996 photos. But here's a few highlights:


And all of that doesn't feel quite so much like we've gotten nothing done.

We took the leap to actually get the bus (the hugeness of just this one step is probably bigger than anything else on the list). We took out seats and battled 24 years of dirt.

[video width="540" height="960" m4v="http://themeasureofus.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/themeasureofus_bus_3.m4v" preload="auto"][/video]

We moved coolant lines and found out that there is a whole community of people who have already been there, done that who are happy to give advice. We peeled up rubber flooring and spent way too much time removing adhesive. The floor turned chocolate brown. The roof was painted. The windows all came out. I drove the bus for the first time. We've patiently sanded and attended to each rust spot. We raised the roof and I started to figure out all the wiring.

And right this very minute...that loving and supportive man who insisted I stay in bed all day is hauling back the sheet metal we need to close in the sides and complete the roof raise.

221 days and look at all we have learned and accomplished together.

Imagine what we can do in another 221 days.


* There will be no baby number 5. The bullets are out of the gun. The shop is closed for business. There are no more bunk spaces on the bus. Just no. Nooooooo.