Can't Take It With Us: Not Knitting.


I'm a knitter. Well...I *used* to be a knitter. Lately, between working 4 nights a week and collapsing in exhaustion by 8:30 on the other 3, it's been a long time since I picked up my needles. Poor Quill's Christmas stocking is two years late at this point and I'm sure my Ravelry account has been deactivated.

Over my once active knitting career, I made toys and hats and Christmas stockings (I finished 5 of them!) and dishcloths and so, so many of these:

And these:

Never a single sweater or scarf though. I don't like the commitment level. Or making swatches.

Those hearts and hexipuffs though were fast and easy to churn out and gave purpose to all those little bits and scraps leftover from making gnomes and jellyfish and bunnies and scrubbies for the kitchen. Pre-children, I used to stand in line at the grocery store with a ball of yarn in my pocket and just knit away.

I had big plans for those hexipuffs back when I thought we'd one day become Wisconsiners and I'd need a Beekeeper's Quilt of my own to keep from freezing. And who knows? Maybe hexipuffs will be the perfect thing to keep my hands busy on long rides on the bus.

But for now, they need to go.

As do all of the other knitting projects I started and then never finished. It's time to let go of all the good intentioned starts that just didn't have enough of a spark to turn into something worth finishing.

I made these squares to be part of a baby blanket when I was pregnant with Eli.

Eli is damn near 7.

Sooooo...yeah. I don't think that baby blanket is going to happen.

It's time to let go of the possibility that I know isn't going to turn into a reality.

I had plans to make dozens of these tiny mint, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream cones and send them to people I adored as a way of saying, "you deserve good things or at least some ice cream, but since I can't mail that, here's the knit version", but then anxiety reared up at me and I convinced myself that I would be cluttering other people's lives with something silly and useless.

Under the weight of this notion, I only ever managed to make the one.

The yarn collection has already been downsized 3 or 4 times until it ended up here, a pile that I was sure would be used in plenty of projects, but yeah...time to learn another lesson, buy yarn with a project in mind, don't buy yarn just because it's super squishy and the perfect color for some future something, surely. (Although saying goodbye to that sunshiney yellow bit of sock yarn turned me grumpy for an afternoon.)  #minimalistrules

I'm exhaling and saying goodbye to these things to make room for all the new opportunities. I can't wait to get to say that I knitted from the time we left one state until we were halfway through another. I want to be able to say that I hiked and knitted on the breaks. I want to make a whole new set of bus dishcloths and finally tackle a sweater.

I want to get back to the craft that I love, even if that means saying goodbye and starting over.