Can't Take It With Us: Mostly Kid Stuff.


It's Wednesday! And that means more things are heading out of our lives. Here's a random collection of things we can do without. This seems to be what's left at this stage in the game...lots of bits and pieces and me wishing I could fast forward to when we get to move onto the bus and purge in landslides instead of dribbles.

Ok, so. I like to color as much as the next gal, but does anyone have actual time for this? My kids don't color. If I ever happen to have a free night, I seriously doubt I'll be doing anything other than staring off into space at my phone.

This one rankled. I spent HOURS picking out this damn truck as the perfect Christmas present for the boys. They'll love it! They can take it apart with the included working drill! They can put it back together! It's a truck! They love trucks! Imagination galore! Real life skills!

You know what my children did with this? They chased each other around with the drill spinning at full speed, shrieking with laughter as they tried to lobotomize each other with it. *face palm*

The batteries eventually died and *shocker* I opted out of replacing them.

Random games no one ever plays with or that they have repurposed all the pieces for some other use. I think I've corralled everything back to its original box, but it can all go.

I hate puzzles. The kids don't put them together, I do. They hand me the pieces in an order that is absolutely not adhering to the corners, then sides, then middle rule at all and Mama is over it.

Who's got two thumbs and is insanely glad the Paw Patrol obsession is dead? This girl.

This was just a funny grouping...Candy Land, some race car thing, and Victoria's Secret tights. None of which have ever been opened despite all three having been in this house for at least 2 years.

Halloween costumes from last year...I think dressing a kid as Taco Tuesday is only funny when Halloween falls on an actual Tuesday and I'm definitely not holding onto it for another 6 years* waiting for that to happen again. That Minion costume was solid gold in the laughs department and I'm pretty sure it scored us a couple full size Snickers. You're welcome to whoever ends up with it.

Some old friends...we've had that doll for over a decade and that dog, despite being well-loved by all three boys, will forever be the thing we bought to keep a baby Eli quiet during a funeral.

Finally, another foot and a half of clothing to add to our tower of clothing that didn't make the cut...bringing the total to 4.5 feet.

Tell me, what kind of things are you seeing out the door these days? Is it a little bit of everything or are you focused on one area right now?

_____________ * Or is it 11 years? There is a leap year caveat in that equation, right? Whatever. This is too much math, goodbye Taco Tuesday costume.