Busworthy: Silipints

Quill loves to drink out of any cup that isn’t his. 

You know what’s going to happen next, right? 



Yep. That particular pickle jar turned glassware went smash and, alas, another one bites the dust. Despite sweeping, vacuuming, and getting down on the floor to search for stray shards, I still managed to get a piece of glass in my foot 2 days later.

All of our adult glassware is the result of having a house full of pickle lovers and our kid cups are former jelly jars because we go through cream cheese and jelly sandwiches (a la “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”) at a fierce rate. And for now, despite the occasional hazardous condition, these mostly work out fine. However, I know these jars won’t be coming with us on the bus. 

Not stackable, breakable, and the thought of the constant clinking sound as we drive down the road sends me into a fit of eye twitches...not busworthy. 

So the search begins. Now that we are starting to move into the interior build on the bus, I’m really starting to consider what’s going to be occupying that precious, small space. So what qualifies as busworthy?

Busworthy requirements:

  • Must be 6 kinds of friendly:

    • Kid-friendly

    • Environmentally-friendly

    • Budget-friendly

    • Space-friendly

    • Multi-use-friendly

    • Real-life-friendly

And I think that I have found a replacement for our pickle and jelly jars that meets all of those requirements!

(Full disclosure, Silipint sent me a box full of goodies after I posted a question on their FB page. I was researching busworthy options and already pretty much sold that this was the way to go when Taylor over at Silipint (hiiiiiii, Taylor!) did some (totally not creepy) social media stalking and then contacted me to see if I’d like to try out a few things. I spent the rest of the day randomly high-pitched squealing and then hugged the mail lady when she brought me my box. All opinions are mine, and y’all know I only recommend what we really use.)


(Thank goodness the mail lady is totally used to my level of weird and didn’t even blink at my hugging.) (Our UPS man comes out of his truck with arms wide when he sees it’s a box for me and I recently gave our FedEx team of drivers a bus tour. What can I say…I like to share the excitement.)

The boys and I had an excellent time testing everything out.


This 8 oz half pint cup in Sea Swirl was immediately claimed by Silas as his and his alone. (“Mama, it has GREEN on it. GREEN is MY COLOR.” “Yeah, but it also has blue…that’s Eli’s color.” *scowling preschool eyes of death*) It’s just the right size for small hands. It’s squeezey and bouncy, but thick enough that it would take a concerted effort to smush it hard enough for the contents to go flying.

(Yes, we tried.)

(Yes, I called it science for that day. #homeschoolers)

An awesome part of these cups is the fact that you can get an additional lid that fits both the big full size pint and the little half pint. Anything that does double duty and doesn’t leave me searching for a specific size to fit a particular cup is a winner in my book.


Push that little tabby-do and it does a decent job of keeping liquids in. We even turned it upside down and gave it some shakes…the lid stayed on and, minus a few drops, we stayed dry. The boys and I were impressed and I called that a lesson in engineering and sent everyone off to play. #thisiswhyhomeschoolrocks

Besides cups, they also sent us two bowls. Bigger than our regular kid sized bowls, but not too big, these were perfect for our current favorite breakfast…buttery grits topped with a pop-able egg, cheese, and bacon. Thank goodness it’s finally fall here in the South! Eating grits in the summer just feels wrong.


The bowls stack within each other and because the silicone has some grip to it, they won’t slide around in any bus cabinets! Score! They are sturdy enough that I didn’t think twice about letting the boys carry bowls of cereal and milk that they made themselves (i.e. fuller than good sense would allow) to the table with no worries about spills.

I’ve got 4 of these bowls hanging out in my Silipint cart right this very minute.



You’d never know that I’ve got several college degrees after seeing me trying to figure this next one out. 

It folds up super small, but popped out it looks like this:


Ummm....it’s a…mixing bowl? Maybe it stays steady when it’s got something in it? (Spoiler alert...this is a good way to have pancake batter dripping down the front of your cabinets. Do not try at home or on a bus.)

Quill immediately decided it was a hat.


And then a spectacular bag for carrying things about. 


Seriously. It took a solid 2 days of hanging out with this thing to figure out that it’s a dog bowl and I’m an idiot. By that time, it had been used to haul sticks and tools, filled with dirt, worn as a hat by everyone in the family, and was floating in the pool when it dawned on me to try flipping it around the other way.



“I might need to be rescued again…this time from the low-intelligence of the lady human. A hat! How undignified!”

“I might need to be rescued again…this time from the low-intelligence of the lady human. A hat! How undignified!”

Newt the Cute (have you met our official busdog yet?) is way too bitty and bus sized for this bowl to be practical for us, but it would be perfection for a medium sized dog. (Maybe you know of a perfect medium sized dog who would love this bowl…only used as a hat for a couple of days! Send me a message and I’ll pass along the love.)

According to my busworthy checklist, all of my requirements have been checked!

  • Kid-friendly: Yep! The kids think these are fun and non-breakable seals the deal. 

  • Environmentally-friendly: Yes! Silicone is safe, abundant, and recyclable. It’s also BPA, BPS, and phthalate free! Plus, since it’s unbreakable and reusable, it’s much more earth friendly than using disposable cups or bowls. Bonus points for the fact that buying from Silipint means we’re supporting a U.S. based small business.

  • Budget-friendly: The cups we’re buying are all under $10 each!

  • Space: The cups and bowls stack or are foldable enough to put one cup into another. 

  • Multi-use-friendly: I CAN BAKE IN THESE. OMG. Also, hats for the children.

  • Real-life-friendly: The fact that these are unbreakable and reusable make them perfect for buslife. 


I do have one complaint. (Are you listening new friends at Silipint?) The color selection. Listen, I love tie dye as much as the next hippie bus owner (seriously, Quill lives in that yellow tie dye shirt and we have a FAMILY TIE DYE PARTY every summer, for goodness sake), but I *really* don’t want to drink out of it. I’m about to start living in 250 sq ft with all these children...the last thing I need is something else that’s visually loud.

Instead…can we mellow out with some more solid color options? Also, I’m kinda Type A (understatement of the year) and like when things match...which in practical terms means that no one can go boneless because they don’t get the one elusive Sea Swirl (GREEN more than blue!) cup, but it also means that I’ve got an Insta-worthy table happening because my bowls match my tumblers. #helpagirlout

There’s a picture on the website of some frosted tumblers with geometric patterns. Those I could get down with. Bring those back, Silipint! Or make sure I can get a set of everything in the same color! (Preferably frosted white like these tumblers that I currently have hanging out in my cart, please and thank you.)

Colors aside, we love these and we hope you’ll love them, too! Make sure you sign up for the newsletter over at www.silipint.com to get 10% off.

Welcome to buslife, Silipint!