I haven’t seen my husband for the last two weeks.

So naturally, as soon as he got home from his work trip, cleaning out the garage seemed like a nice “welcome back, we missed you, please unfuck that mess out there” kinda way to ease him back into our normal routine.

We’re alllllllmost to the point where we can shift gears on the bus. All the bodywork is done, the welding is nearly complete (just have a couple of spots on the door and a vent needs to be fabricated), paint is 97.325% done (front door and engine door need to be painted and I’ve got some touchups to do), the roof and transition need one more coat of Tropicool, and all of the bus lights (blinkers, headlights, brake lights, clearance lights) need to be installed (which we are struggling with…still searching for someone local who knows AUTOMOTIVE *not* house wiring to take care of it).

And then…once that’s all done…y’all. We get to start on the INSIDE of the bus. YES. REALLY.

Our windows are currently on the way to us from across the country. We’ve got spray foam ready and waiting. And then it will be time to start framing out the inside.

Thus, the garage clean out. The garage was a mess and needed to be cleaned out regardless, but needing this reset for bus related reasons was extra motivating. We’ve been spending way too much time looking for misplaced tools, shifting piles of half-finished projects around, and convincing the boys that no, this is not a good place for you to build a robot/contraption/thing that might sever a finger, I don’t care if it encourages creativity. This also served as a first round of really looking at what is busworthy. Spoiler alert…not much.

Also motivating: the fact that friends and bus helpers, lovingly called “Mr. Oh-Dee and I Can’t Remember What Your Name Is” by Silas, are having their wedding in Colorado this summer. The bus needs to be ready to go or else we’ll be looking at 3 mortgage payments to get all 5 of us there, in a hotel, and back again. I flashed that number at Jake and suddenly he was all gung ho. Thanks Cody and Jordan! Congrats! We love you and your love and your desire to have a destination wedding.

I love when our bus helpers get married out of state and light a fire of “hot damn we need to get this done” under us. #notallheroeswearcapes

I love when our bus helpers get married out of state and light a fire of “hot damn we need to get this done” under us. #notallheroeswearcapes

I completely failed as a blogger and forgot to take a single before photo. I was too excited that Jake was hustling with the boys to start emptying the entire shop out onto the driveway. I didn’t want any photo snapping to break the “LET’S GET RID OF EVERYTHING!” vibe they had going. However, here’s a photo where you can kinda see the shitstorm that was the previous garage in the background and my shocked and appalled by all that clutter middle child. That counts, right?


I’m in a whole lot of minimalist groups on Facebook and a very common question that comes up several times a day is “how do I get my partner to do this?”

The answer is simple. Threaten Offer to do the work for them.

I kid, I kid.

I’m lucky to have a husband who is on board with us having less stuff in order to have more life. And that is truly the answer. Your significant other won’t ever be on the minimalist train with you if the benefits don’t feel all that beneficial to them. Before the bus came along, Jake was a “we might be able to use that one day!” kind of a guy. Buslife changed that for him.

We dragged all sorts of garage stuff around through two moves. Plenty of that stuff that could be used “one day” was cleared out during this reset. Useful one day turned into rusted, broken, expired, leaked, and plain unrecognizable.

This time, we asked the questions, “Can this be used on the bus one day?” and “Who do we know who can use this right now?”

Friends took the last of our chicken and rabbit stuff leftover from our micro-homestead two houses ago. We sold the beer fridge. Lots of yard sprays and “we didn’t know better back then” pesticides went to the hazardous waste bin.

The clean out is still in progress (as I type, all of my menfolk have taken the truck with a load of former garage-dwelling items to the dump/recycling), but here’s some almost there shots.

We even have a corner just for bus stuff! Unfortunately, that quickly turned into a centralized location to dump all things bus related, so add “organize the bus corner” to the never ending list of things to do. But at least it’s all in one place?


So how about you? How are you spending your Sunday? Do you have a place in your home that could use a reset and refresh?